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Furniture Guilding

Our Rich Pale & Pale Gold Shades of Dusting and Lining grades are widely used in Furniture guilding all over the world to produce a golden rich look. We can develop custom colours as per requirement.

Offset & Flexo Printing

Gold Bronze Powder of Super Ink lining Grade is best suitable for Flexo and offset printing. Colours can be developed as per the required parameters and look.

Dry Flowers/ Decoratives

Coarser grades like Brilliant & Dusting of required colour can be used for coating of dryflowers and decorative items.

Spray Painting

Lining Grade is best suitable for spray paint applications for golden colour on metal and other surfaces. A layer of moisture protection is necessary for use in an outdoor environment.

Water Filter Candle

Copper powder of suitable particle size mix is used for making candle filter to get best result.

Textile Printing

Dusting & Lining grade of Pale Gold is widely used for Screen Printing of Textiles which can be both temporally & permanent prints depending upon requirement.

Packaging / Coating on Paper

Lining and Super Ink Lining grades of the various shades are used widely to color Paper/ Board in golden color to give attractive look of packing box.

Master Batch

Gold Bronze Powder of Lining and Super Ink Lining grades are used with plastics to get unique golden color of plastic items moulded/ extruded.